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Belt Conveyors in a hurry!

belt conveyorA range of belt conveyors are available with quick delivery even with customised dimensions.
We stock all the required components to be able to quickly turnaround conveyors for a variety of applications.

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New website - compressedairsolutions.com.au

www.compressedairsolutions.com.auAustralis Engineering has launched a new website dedicated to our compressed air pipe and safety solutions.

The new website, www.compressedairsolutions.com.au has been designed in response to customer requests for a dedicated compressed air solutions website, distinct from the company’s conveyor and pallet handling equipment portfolio.

The new website addresses the increasing demand for our compressed air safety and piping systems. Featuring an intuitive interface, the new website allows customers to navigate easily through information about innovative European aluminium pipe systems, the patented compressed air safety fuses, and inline gas and fluid regulators. You can also download White papers on the dangers of compressed air, technical data, simply usage instructions and product catalogues, all in one easy location.

 Visit us at: www.compressedairsolutions.com.au

YouTube Channel

Australis is on YouTube. Australis has a dedicated YouTube channel that shows a selection of videos showing our conveying, palletising and special purpose materials handling equipment. We are regularly updating and adding videos, so why not subscribe to the channel to see our latest offerings? Current feature videos include the High Speed Linear Palletiser for loose PET bottles and a High Speed Lane Diverter.
Find us on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/user/AustralisEngineering


Continuous Carton Elevator

Available in Z and C configurations, the continuous elevators (or lowerator) can deliver cartons to overhead conveyors continuously and automatically. The system is constructed in structural anodized aluminium profiles for ultimate design flexibility and is fitted with polycarbonate safety panels to maintain visual openness. The system can be configured to either lift or lower cartons so can be used for at both ends of an overhead line. Email for a free design consultation.

Multi-Lane Diverter

The multi-lane diverter can be used to send products from a single lane into multiple lanes. The standard version is available in a 1 into 2 or 1 into 3 configuration which can be automatically controlled for lane spreading, to reject products following a check weigher or metal detector, allow QA samples to be taken or for separating different products into separate dedicated streams.

A high speed servo drive diverter capable of laning products up to 150 /minute is also available and can be customised from 2 up to 6 lanes of products.



Automatic High Speed Pusher

This automatic twin lane high speed transfer pusher will run at speeds of upto 90 bags/minute and transfer a single stream of product into 2 lanes at 90 degrees. Servo driven and PLC controlled, the unit allows for multiple pack sizes to be run through the machine. Featuring a sturdy stainless steel base frame with polycabonate safety panels with electrical interlocks, the unit is both function and reliable and has recently been installed at a major food manufacturing plant in NSW.  Email for more information.

Metal Detector Conveyor

Low profile and easy to clean conveyor with integrated metal detector. Features include VSD speed control, automatic conveyor stop on detection, optional automatic reject on detection, Green/Red light tower for operator awareness, food grade belt. Standard machine is built around an anodized aluminium base frame with UHMWPE deck. A full stainless steel version is also available. Email us for more details.





New Mini Palletiser for low cost palletising

This is a great new product for businesses that currently manually palletise but that need to increase their productivity, or where OHS issues such as strain injuries are a major concern.
As a low cost solution compared to other palletisers, you can expect a short ROI period. The new MLP Series of mini palletisers are suitable for palletising at up to 5-7 cycles per minute. Depending on box size and weight, this can result in palletising up to 21 boxes per minute and a load capacity of 20kg or more.

The MLP palletisers are easy to use, with touch screen controls and pre-loaded pallet patterns and box recipes resulting in faster commissioning and minimal training, resulting in a rapid implementation. Just as importantly, the mini palletiser range can be easily integrated with your existing infeed conveyors, or we can supply a new infeed conveyor solution that's tailored to meet your product requirements. Download a FREE brochure on the MLP mini palletiser series.