Chocolate and Cheese Equipment – products page

  • Chocolate Enrobers

    An enrober is a machine used in the confectionery industry to coat a food item with a coating medium, typically chocolate. Foods that are coated by enrobers include chocolates, flavoured centre's, truffles, nuts, ice-cream, toffee, biscuits, cakes, pastries and fruit. Australis offer the ChocoMa range of Enrobing machines ranging from smaller units for artisanal production, up to larger, semi-industrialised models. Learn More

  • Chocolate Tempering

    Tempering chocolate is an essential step for making smooth, glossy, evenly colored chocolates. Tempering prevents the dull colour and waxy texture that happens when the cocoa fat separates out. The tempering process takes chocolate through a temperature curve, a process which aligns the chocolate's crystals to make it smooth, silky, and glossy. ChocoMa offers a large range of Compressor Cooled and Water Cooled tempering machines. Learn More

  • Wax Enrobers

    Wax Coat your cheeses simply, easily and inexpensively with a ChocoMa wax enrober. European built, these reliable machines are specifically designed to manage coloured or clear waxes for complete coating of a variety of different sized cheeses. Learn More

  • Cooling Tunnels

    Just as the name describes, Cooling Tunnels help reduce the temperature of finished chocolates and help preserve the gloss and appearance of your chocolate. In a hot climate like Australia, a cooling tunnel can be an essential part of the chocolate manufacturing process. ChocoMa offer a range of cooling tunnels which include options to integrate with an enrober. Learn More

  • Chocolate Melting Tanks

    A chocolate melting tank enables you to prepare and maintain your cullet / button or block chocolate ahead of a further chocolate production process. Melting tanks enable trouble free melting to correct temperatures and without the risk of water spoiling the chocolate. Melting tanks are easy to use and are ideally paired with an enrober or temperer. Learn More