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  • Slat Conveyors

    Slat conveyors are versatile, utilising table-top slat chain to convey a wide range of products. They're ideal in beverage, food, medical and pharmaceutical applications, but heavy duty versions can even be used for heavy items including pallets. Australis has its own proprietary slat conveyor - the LowPro series. We also manufacture standard and heavy duty slat conveyors to our own designs. Read More

  • Belt Conveyors

    Fabric Belt conveyors and Rubber Belt Conveyors are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of products, load capacities, line speeds and operating environments. Available for Washdown, HACCP environments and in Stainless, Mild Steel and Aluminium and with VSDs and PLC controls. Options for food grade and other speciality belts. Learn More

  • Modular Belt Conveyors

    Modular belt conveyors are a great option for conveying a range of product, including cartons, bags, cans and sachets, but they are also great for conveying foods as they are available with anti-microbial belts. Australis has delivered 100’s of modular belt conveyors of all sizes and configurations and our design team can advise you on a solution that fits perfectly with your product and application. Learn More

  • Pallet Conveyors

    Medium and Heavy duty models including chain, roller and slat conveyors. Not just for pallets! Conveyor modules can be easily adapted for other heavy duty applications such as building products and even train wheels. Learn More

  • Lay Down Conveyors

    Lay Down Conveyors are a specialised conveyor that are commonly used in bottling plants to assist in bottle sterilisation. They are generally a type of Slat Chain Conveyor and are used on hot-fill production lines or on a line that has a sterilisation process to sterilise the lid of a bottle. Learn More

  • Spiral Conveyors

    Spiral conveyors are a great solution to achieve vertical conveying and are widely used in a range of industries, with different types of spiral conveyors are available to meet the varying needs of specific products and environments. Spiral conveyors are a great solution where you have limited floor space. Australis offer the NEXUS range of Spiral Conveyors. NEXUS are Asia's largest Spiral Conveyor manufacturer with 20+ years experience. Read More

  • Roller Conveyors

    Versatile and robust solutions for cartons, pallets and any larger product. Available in powered (driven) or gravity roller conveyors. Ideal for warehouses or production lines. Modular in design for rapid manufacture and installation. Highly adaptable for virtually any application. Learn More

  • Chain Conveyors

    Australis design and manufacture Chain Conveyors that are flexible and modular in design so modules can be easily integrated into new or existing pallet handling systems, or adapted for different pallet sizes. Medium and Heavy duty options available as standard Read More

  • Incline Conveyors

    Incline or Decline conveyors are great for gently conveying product to a different elevation. They can be designed using a Modular Plastic Belt or Fabric Belt and are available in mild, stainless or aluminium with food grade belts where required. Customised to suit your application. Learn More

  • Single File Conveyors

    Single filer conveyors take products from a mass flow or accumulation area and put them into a single file of product, enabling in-feed to a filler, air conveyor or similar equipment. Single filers are specialised conveyors and require experience to design and commission successfully. Learn More

  • Air Conveyors

    Air conveyors are specially designed to convey PET bottles in mass flow at high speed. Australis Engineering are the only Australian manufacturer of Air Conveyors with installations at all major, domestic beverage manufacturers. Our conveyors have been exported across the Asia-Pacific. Learn More

  • Automatic Guide Rails

    The newest development in the Ezy-Change Guide Rails is a PATENTED, full automated, self-adjusting guide rail system that automatically adjusts the guide rails to suit the product on the conveyor line. Easily retrofitted to virtually any conveyor. Make substantial cost savings by reducing your labour and production down-time through installing the Ezy-Change Automatic Guide Rails. Read More 

  • Guide Rail Systems

    Guide Rail Systems help to efficiently move your product along a conveyor line. Our own Ezy-Change Guide Rail System offers an automated solution that can achieve a whole of line changeover in under 1 minute. Learn More

  • Lane Diverters

    Lane diverters are an active method of transferring products from a single infeed point to multiple outfeed points. Diverters can be both low speed or high speed and can include a divert for product sampling, product reject after a check weigher or for marshalling into a packing or palletising cell. Learn More

  • Continuous Carton Elevators

    Continuous Carton Elevators are great solution to convey boxes and cartons between two elevations in your facility. They integrate easily with existing conveyors or can be designed with customised infeed and outfeed conveyors to suit your requirement. Learn More

  • Conveyor Systems

    Extensive, demonstrated capabilities in delivering conveyor systems - from simple one-off conveyors to entire turnkey systems with integrated capital equipment. Australis offers the full range of conveyor system capabilities. With our own flexible, modular conveyor designs and a local manufacturing base, we can grow your business with a conveyor system. Learn More

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Australis have a strong track record in delivering materials handling solutions for major Australian manufacturers. With capabilities in multiple industry sectors and deep connections with our supply chain, you can leverage our engineering expertise and industry knowledge to develop a turnkey solution to suit your product, CAPEX requirements and project deadlines. Australis - the right choice to help design, manufacture and commission your next materials handling project.Read More