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Robotics Solutions

Australis Engineering offers a range of rob0tics solutions that utilise industrial multi-axis robots, linear robots and pick and place units. Speciality robot applications are designed and manufactured in-house by our team of Mechatronic and Mechanical Engineers for virtually any application.

Multi-Axis Robots

Robots are increasingly becoming the universal core element of automation and advanced manufacturing outcomes in modern manufacturing environments. A multi-axis robot will carry out tasks far more productively than conventional systems. The flexibility and multi-tasking can also significantly reduce capital expense, reduce floor space requirements and give efficiency boosts to your production lines.

Robotic Systems include:

  • Drum handling robots for drums up to 700 kg
  • Pick and place robots, high speed and flexible for many applications such as packaging product or sorting and rejecting,
  • Palletising and Depalletising robots for virtually any product type including bag palletising
  • Steel Bar handling robots
  • Integrated in-feed and out-feed conveyors to suit all systems and that are designed to work with the robot, not against it
  • High payload Hazardous area robots up to IIC T3 rating

Our engineers have experience with Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa-Motoman and ABB robots. We don’t have any exclusive supply agreement and so we have the flexibility to choose the model of robot that will give the best result for your application (rather than selling you a robot just because its the brand we represent).

Our robotic solutions have included:

  • Carton Palletising
  • Bag Palletising
  • Shrink Wrap Palletising
  • Empty Pallet pick & place
  • Steel bar handling
  • Small item pick & place
  • Drum handling
  • Packaging
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Robotic and Automated Manufacturing Solution

Check out the video of the fully automated circulating coin manufacturing and warehousing system at the Royal Australian Mint which demonstrates the benefits of using robotics for product handling and pick and place applications and also the integration of automatic guided vehicles to achieve a fully automated production solution.

Robotic Palletising

The following video highlights a robotic palletising system. This particular system is for palletising bags, however we also have experience in robotic carton palletising.

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