• Materials Handling

    Australis offer a comprehensive range of conveyors, pallet handling, palletisers, automation, robotics, line control and special purpose equipment for the food, beverage, medical. industrial, general manufacturing, building materials and hazardous substance industries. We can design a one-off machine or deliver a full turnkey system.
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  • Pallet Handling Solutions

    Australis offer a comprehensive range of pallet handling solutions, including roller, chain and slat conveyors, pallet stackers/ destackers, turntables and transfers, pallet inspection systems, pallet washers, pallet inverters, pallet wrappers and of course palletisers. We can design and deliver entire turnkey pallet handling systems
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  • Mini Linear Palletisers

    Our proprietary Mini Palletisers offer a great ROI with a small footprint and up to 30kg load capacity. Our MLP's can even palletise 2, 3 or more pallet positions to offer flexibility when running multiple product types simultaneously. We have options for various bag and carton gripper types to suit multiple applications
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  • Food Industry Solutions

    Australis has 30+ years experience providing solutions for fresh, packaged, dairy, chocolate and confectionery, meat and frozen foods. We offer a comprehensive range of conveyors, end of line and pallet handling equipment that can incorporate stainless steel construction, wash-down, CIP and anti-bacterial provisions
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  • Slat & Modular Belt Conveyors

    Slat and Modular Belt Conveyors are versatile and ideal in food, beverage and other applications. Our LowPro range of conveyors use low profile side-plates and are available in stainless or aluminium and with multiple slat chain or modular belt options including food grade options
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  • Belt Conveyors

    Australis offers a fabric belt conveyor solution for virtually any application. Our standardised modules can be easily customised to your length and width or drive speed. We offer multiple drive and belt options including rubber, PVC, rough-top, wavy and more. Our belt conveyors are available in Mild Steel, Stainless or Aluminium construction
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  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are perfect for conveying bulk product between different levels or to elevate or lower product into a hopper or other machinery. Standard C and Z configurations available. The patented Multi-Axis Bucket Elevator will even turn corners and offers multiple discharge points. We are the Australian agents of USA manufacturer Gough-Econ
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  • Conveyor Guide Rails

    Conveyor Guide Rails are an essential component in many conveyor applications and especially bottle and can lines. With options for a patented, automated guide rail, a semi-automatic guide rail or the standard, fixed guide rails, we can also fit to your existing conveyors or add your chosen guide rails to one of our new conveyor systems
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